Friday, August 7, 2015

Finished Sterling Silver Filigree Crosses

So, here is the one larger cross I just finished and the other one with the large amethyst briolette.  I really like the layers of scrolls and fine gauge wire that holds all of it together.  These pendants are currently listed at

Before, During and After Patina...

Progress on the Filigree Sterling Cross

At this point, I had finished building this piece.  Showing front and reverse detail.

Filigree Sterling Silver Cross in Progress

I've listed this pendant on my Etsy shop, but they only allow five images.  How could just a handful of images show the work and detail that goes into making a piece like this?  So, I'm posting some photos here!

You will see some of the initial scroll layers have been added, but there will be more layers of scrolls on top and under these.  I also added many sterling silver beads by essentially sewing them to the piece.  The two wires coming out of the top were made into the bale.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fold Forming Organic Copper Leaves

Here are some photos of the various steps of working on some fold formed copper leaves.  I started with 24 gauge copper sheet that I milled to thin.  It's possible to start thinner at a 26 to 28 gauge.  It just depends on how much texturizing or hammering you will do.  The metal will thin out as it's worked or milled.

There are so many ways to cut and shape pieces like this.  I wanted my pieces to have waves like dry leaves.

It's a process to do this because you anneal the metal, work it a bit, anneal and work some more.  This was a super fun way to add a lot of dimension.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Copper and Stone Pendants Cold Connection

The top pendant was a simple coiled piece of copper I had hammered accents on.  I decided to get creative by adding a round bead to the center.  I threaded the stone with wire, wrapped it, coiled the ends and tucked it under.  I did something similar with the bale.  This seemed to add a lot of interest to the metal by connecting various pieces of metal without heat.

The second pendant also features labradorite that has been wrapped into a bale.  I used the same bead plus some Czech glass beads at the bottom.

The bottom pendant is copper and I had milled a laurel leaf onto it.  I bent the milled stem section of the leaf back to form a bale.  I made a wire wrapped bead for an accent and used a nice fluorite for the dangle.  These all started out as simple ideas and the little accents added layers of interest.

Bracelets and More in the Works

I've milled my favorite leaves onto copper for some bracelets that are in the works.  The other pieces were milled, cut and annealed for various projects.  The smaller pieces are for a special project.  I can never be without a Sharpie and they are on the bench, tucked in my pockets, in my pack, tool box and so on.  Pictures to follow!

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